How is your website performing? Do you have the right tags in place? Do you have solid foundations?

It’s no secret that Google keeps changing the rules on how they analyse a website. A website should not only have a good design, it needs a lot more elements to make it trustworthy to search engines. A good website design should include elements that will help people find it easily.

Every business should not only have a strong website design but also should have strong SEO foundations that will trigger the search engines algorithm. If you want your website to be found ask us how we do it.


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Website Design

A Website is a great way of expressing and selling your ideas. With the advancements in technology, the internet, and the world wide web offer you what you need to reach out to a huge number of clients. But for you to express your ideas successfully and gracefully, you need a website that is professionally designed. The Website Design should encompass every bit that produces amazing results. It is a process that requires significant input in terms of effort, determination and even capital. These should not discourage you whatsoever because after all the effort, you will have a splendid Website Design and with a good design comes a whole bunch of benefits.

Essentials For Effective Website Design

For a website to reach out to people and achieve its primary and secondary purposes, several elements have to be incorporated into the design.

What’s Your Niche?

The purpose of a website should be clear to anyone visiting it. Even before heading to the landing pages, the niche of a website should be starting to show up. Just from the theme and everything around, the targeted audience should become apparent. If it is a kids’ website, for example, the interactive atmosphere should clearly stand out. Let the users discover the purpose of the site early before they are deep inside. We need to understand your visitors Intention on your website.

Page Speed

A slow web page is one of the most annoying things for a modern customer. Ever seen a catchy headline, you click on it, and ten seconds later the page hasn’t fully displayed yet your internet connection has no issues? Well, that feeling is very annoying. The web designer should always ensure that the web pages have good speed.  If your codes are too complex, you need to loosen up a little bit. It is also wise to upgrade the servers regularly to avoid the embarrassment and negative reviews.

General Look

Many people will be obsessed with the technical bits and forget that the general outlook of a Website Design also matters. The site should be attractive with beautiful colours and images. These, however, have to be looked at through the eyes of the target audience. What is your target’s definition of attractive?

Responsiveness with WordPress

When building a website, it will be an excellent idea to think about WordPress responsiveness. WordPress is a hub for many internet users, and if you are looking to have more people visiting your site, you have to make the interaction good.

Easy Usability

A good Website Design is one that makes the user enjoy visiting the site. Things should be easy. There are many utilities that are used to enhance the usability of websites. Breadcrumbs are among these utilities. They make it convenient to navigate a site because they ease the process of reaching other sections of a website.

A search box is another utility that you don’t want to miss on your web page. Users will often turn to the search box after frantic efforts to find something fails. To accommodate such visitors, you need to have a properly designed search box that will deliver results.

‘Read more’ buttons are also a good way of attracting and keeping visitors to your site. Other than displaying thousands of characters on a web page, it is better to have just the introductory sections, and a ‘read more’ prompt. If someone is fascinated by the first parts of an article, then they can click ‘read more, ’ and the entire piece opens up. This allows a page to accommodate more content and still look user-friendly. Besides they enable the users to scheme through while searching for information of interest to them.

Anything that makes usability easier should be considered in a website design. Tools such as call-to-action are not only good for the user but also for your sake. If you are selling merchandise, the call-to-action will lead people to make orders, and in the end, you have revenue. These tools should be tailored to the needs of the target audience and the niche of a website. This is where the need for professionals comes in.

At Digital Cycle, we Guarantee you a Website Design that sets the stage for a successful online venture. Our team of experts knows how to create a fulfilling website design. Even after the site is up and running, we will be by your side to ensure all updates are installed to keep taking you higher.