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Google is not just the most powerful Search Engine, it also offers a wide range of solutions like: Display, video, retargeting, maps, analytics, Google Adwords and more corporate solutions that work seamlessly when put together in the right way. We are Google partners and we put in place the best and latest practices to increase the chances to deliver the highest return on your investment.


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Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a marketing and advertising platform that is aimed at linking advertisers to web users. It is mostly the advertisers that are running websites on the internet. The advertisers pay Google so that their clickable ads are displayed on the search results that are availed to users. If you make use of Google Adwords appropriately, you will no doubt make more money.

The complexity of Google AdWords can make people shy away from it, but it is actually a good mining ground for any online business.

For you to use Google Adwords, you will have to open an account with them. After that, you will then be required to bid on the Adwords in Google Adwords auctions which take place frequently. Google wants to provide web users with relevant information, therefore, you will enter an auction if you are bidding on the keywords that are being sought after by the users.

So how will Google determine how much you pay? Several factors are determinants, including the level of competitiveness of your keyword, your maximum bid, and your quality score. Another question pops up. What is your Quality Score? It is simply a measure of the relevance of your keyword plus a couple of other things. When you have a good score, you will end up spending less and earning more.

Your position on the search results is then determined, and this is termed as the ad rank. If you are ranked first, your ad will appear on top of the first page of search engine results. To get to that top position, you need to have the best people on the job. You need good keyword research and the right bidding methods. You also need to evaluate your progress in Google Adwords. In fact, you can even compare how your paid per click advertisements are faring compared to other websites in your niche. Digital Cycle is here to boost your ad rank and maximise your profits. Let us help you because we are endowed with the skills and know-how.