About Digital Cycle | Digital Solutions

The team at Digital Cycle accumulates over 40 years of experience in Online Marketing Solutions.  We make your brand stand out from its competitors whilst focusing on delivering the highest possible return on your investment.

We focus on your needs, understand how the market is looking for you and tailor each activity to bring you the best possible return.

How many times have you tried to run an effective online campaign without the desired outcome? Is your website functional? Do you understand how people are looking for you? Is your target audience finding your competitor first? Are you using the right content connected to the right keywords? Where are you pulling the data from? Do you understand how people behave on your website when they visit you?

My name is Daniel Cervantes (You can check my Linked In Profile), I started Digital Cycle 5 years ago after working for several Digital Marketing Agencies. The main reason I decided to start my own agency was to focus on the clients rather than focusing on my business. I felt that agencies were focusing too much on retainers rather than the return. I love creating long-lasting partnerships always focusing on your return.


What we do as a Digital Agency

Digital Cycle as a Digital Marketing Agency understands that Digital Marketing has changed a lot and moreover, it keeps changing all the time. By using the right tools, by pulling the right data and by implementing the right digital strategies we can make your brand visible to attract new costumers. We offer:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – This is becoming the most effective way to attract new customers. In most cases, an effective SEO along with an effective Adwords campaign can become the source of leads you are looking for. Google keeps changing the rules, are you up to speed?
  • Adwords – We are a Google Certified Partner. We are continuously improving our delivery by understanding the latest trends and always using the best practices to make sure your campaign runs smoothly.
  • Email Marketing – With access to over 8.5 million opted users in Australia, we can target your perfect audience and deliver high-quality leads that will transform your business.
  • Web design – All of your online strategies could start on your website, how good is yours? We have created dozens of high-performing websites with all the best practices to make sure you have a good chance to score high on search engines.
  • Social Media – We truly think that Social Media is not for every company, however, there is a very good chance you can get a massive benefit from it. We integrate your communication to the different Socia Media platforms like: Facebook, Google +, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and more.
  • Digital Strategy- “Fail to plan, plan to Fail”. This statement is so true; It is very important to be always one step ahead and the best way to do it is by creating specific strategies. Each company & industry is different so the strategy needs to be created according to the company’s needs. Let’s have a chat.

Send us an email now and receive a free comprehensive consultation that will blow your mind plus $100 dollars worth of Adwords to get you started only investing $25.